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Jan 18, 2016

Fat Bike AKA:Fatty’s

Ok Christmas is over, New Years is here and it's time to forgot about presents, turkey, gravy and goodwill. It's time to get out and burn off some of the calories and what better way to do it than going for a mountain bike ride? For many riders a new way to get out is on a “Fat Bike”.

By now everyone knows what a “Fat Bike” is … right ?? well for those of you who don’t know or are unsure, a “Fat Bike” in simple terms is a mountain bike with really wide tires. In the beginning these bikes were basically normal mountain bikes converted into Fat Bikes. Forks were changed, frames were modified to accommodate for the wider tires and rims that were being mounted on these bikes. Now these bikes are a full line, manufactured bicycle that has added another line to the mountain bike scene. ome say these bikes started out being for those riders that wanted more floatation to ride in sand and snow, but they are becoming more mainstream everyday. They really do shine and show all their benefits in riding on the beach, winter riding in snow,

I personally ride in the winter in snow with a “normal” mountain bike with winter studded tires under 2” in width, which works great on icy light snow covered roads, but not great if the snow gets over an inch (2.54 cm) or two (5.08cm) in depth.

It makes pedalling really hard and you have to work all the time and the front wheel will have a tendency to go sideways. Fat bikes make these types of conditions more enjoyable with 4 inch and wider tires. The mountain bike now has more floatation (less pounds per square inch on the ground) which makes pedalling easier and more enjoyable and rejuvenates a lot of fun back into winter riding.  Of course I keep mentioning winter riding because that is the climate I live in; for others it is beach or sand riding or anywhere you need extra floatation out of your two wheeled friend to get you to  that nice burning sensation in your legs and lungs from having a good ride!

Winter riding can also give you a burning sensation in other areas, places I don’t want! That's why I prefer to ride a hornless Spiderflex seat. It really makes my ride more enjoyable and keeps me in the saddle and on my ride for a longer period of time.

Everyone have a Happy New Year, get out for some fresh air, put in some miles on whatever kind of bike you ride.