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Gifts for Cyclists

A Spiderflex hornless seat is a great gift for a cyclist

It is a blessed thing to know a cyclist. Bike riders are strong, bright, passionate about their sport--and if you are looking for gifts for cyclists, they are so easy to shop for!

Finding gifts for cyclists is an easy task. The cycling activity calls for a fair amount of small equipment, and plenty of “toys.”

Serious toys for the cyclist, but still, goodies that make holidays and birthdays much simpler for those near and dear who have to find a present.

First consider the type of bike riding your cyclist does. Mountain biking, road racing, or leisure riding on the weekend?

Then take a look at the bike itself.  If there are no gadgets on the bike, you have a great opportunity to add some!

There is a huge assortment of biking accessories and cycling add-ons that make great gifts.

So. what are some of the great gifts for cyclists?

Silver cycling Helmet and cyclist gloves

There are:

  • biking shorts,
  • helmets,
  • gel-padded gloves to spare the hands over a long day in the saddle,
  • toe clips,
  • warning lights,
  • tire pumps,
  • repair kits,
  • speedometres,
  • GPS units.
  • And then there are bicycle seats.

Two men standing on a roadway with their bikes and Spiderflex hornless saddles


"My son-in-law received his Spiderflex seat last week after falling in love with mine.

"I guess you could say we are a couple of happy campers.

"I appreciate all your help!"

Fred & Dave


There is no end to the array of comfortable bike seats available for bikers. Because the equipment is easily removed, serious cyclists can, and do own more than one bike seat, suiting their seats to the kind of riding the cyclist expects to do.

An ergonomic bicycle seat can add to the pleasure of the ride enormously, too. A bicycle is a superb tool for travel, but often, not so great for comfort.

With all a cyclist’s leverage anchored in the groin, in close contact with tendons, bones, blood vessels and nerves, a typical bike seat can create great misery over the duration of a long ride. And as recent studies have shown, can cause long lasting undesirable health problems.

Similarly the bicycle seat is the basis of spinal posture while riding…and the arc of the back is maintained for hours on a long ride. Finding a comfortable bike seat, and an ergonomic bike seat, adds a level of comfort and effectiveness nothing else could possibly provide.

An ergonomic bike seat, such as the Spiderflex bicycle seat is designed by experts who understand the engineering of a bicycle and of the human body. They know the enormous pressures brought to bear, they understand the need for power and the need for a pain free ride. They have found the best possible way of providing both. Maximum leverage, carefully contoured seating surfaces, artful padding, flexibility combined with stable security all come together to provide the maximum power your cyclist can produce while sparing him or her all the agony a bike might otherwise dole out.

Choosing gifts for cyclists isn’t hard

They love their sport, they love their gadgets, and they have plenty to choose from. But they will always appreciate having the option of a comfortable bike seat, that gives them more joy and less pain, while doing what they love. Even if a seat proves to be “best” for one form of ride, but not all others, a few twists of the Allen wrench and the seat is off and a new one on.

But the truth is a good, versatile ergonomic cycle seat can prove to be the very favorite for most trips. When it’s time to provide a great gift for the great cyclist in your life consider an ergonomic bike seat from Spiderflex. You may be thanked so sweetly you’ll go out and buy another just to see if the response is as good a second time!

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