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Health Benefits of Cycling

The Joys of Cycling!

The health benefits of cycling are numerous! Our nation is burdened with health conditions related to diet and exercise. The two are paired together, like the wheels of a bike, each affecting the other. Fortunately these two elements can be addressed, and exercise is often the first and best place to start.

Choosing a form of exercise is very personal, but the health benefits of cycling have been well established, and can help deal with such conditions as weight, bone density, cholesterol, not to mention the recognized benefits of biking and cardio fitness.

Easier on the joints than jogging, more purposeful than a treadmill, cycling is superb way to get back into action. A well planned route without too many hills can serve as a great conditioner for those leading a sedentary life. Biking and cardio go together well for beginners: a bike demands sufficient exertion to bring up cardio rates, but can usually be controlled to ensure that the exertion is mild enough to allow a long duration of exercise.

Healthy Riding - a couple sitting on their bikes with comfortable Spiderflex noseless bicycle saddlesCardio fitness is dependent not only on the increased heart rate, but also on the duration of exercise. Any exercise form too strenuous for an out of shape beginner to maintain--or worse, strenuous enough to cause damage--is a poor choice for building fitness. Cycling and fitness, though, is a perfect match. By gauging the route and its challenges, and the speed of the ride, a cyclist can easily move from poor conditioning to intermediate levels, and from there to peak fitness with minimal stress or risk of injury.

Cycling for health conditions the whole body, also: a general fitness sport, rather than a form of spot workout, your muscles are used from the top of your spine to the soles of your feet. The leverage used in biking exercises the lower back muscles and promotes core muscle strength too.

Forget all those exercise programs that try to force you to focus on your core abdominal muscles: cycling for health turns to core muscles easily and spontaneously, flattening the lower back and making gentle but steady demands on the internal muscles bracing hips, spine and rib cage into
a single power-generating unit.

Picture a young healthy looking woman using a noseless saddle

And consider the following facts:

Five reasons to get on your bike:

  • Cyclists live on average at least two years longer than non-cyclists and their fitness levels are equivalent to being ten years younger - so forget nip and tuck, think pedal and push!
  • Cycling is the ultimate family activity; it's healthy, fun and encourages children to be independent.
  • Twenty minutes of gentle cycling burns up to 100 calories, so if you cycle to work, you'll be able to have that afternoon treat without feeling an inch of guilt!
  • Studies show that car drivers are exposed to five times as much polluted air than cyclists, making cycling good for the environment, as well as your health
  • In a rush? Cycling is often much quicker than public transport or taking the car - even better, you won't spend a penny on public transport, road tax, parking, MOT or fuel.

Whether you are cycling for health in general, biking for cardio, or looking towards the connection between cycling and fitness, the health benefits of cycling can only do you good.

Remember what it was like as a kid: getting on your bike and racing free, wind in your hair, heart drumming, legs pumping, and the earth wheeling away under you? Do you want to feel that fit and free again? Then consider the health benefits of cycling. The results will please you and heal you in ways you can hardly imagine.