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Improve your health & fitness
with the Spiderflex REC Bike Seat

  • Comfortable ergonomic bicycle seats for all bike riders
  • Cradles your "sit-bones" to alleviate pressure points
  • Wide seat area for better weight distribution
  • Eliminates chafing on the inner thigh area
  • Ergonomic center relief eliminates pelvic/perineal pressure
  • Comfortable "long-ride" suspension system
  • Ventilated seat slots reduce heat/moisture buildup
  • Works great on trainers and exercise bikes
  • Easy installation
  • Fully guaranteed.

The Spiderflex REC Bike Seat is only $119.99!

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Side View of the Spiderflex bike seat showing the shock and side seat profile Top view of the Spiderflex Bike seat shows the split horneless bike seat design with cutouts Rear view of the Spiderflex Noseless Bike seat



US Orders

** Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and US Military shipping addresses will be shipped USPS Priority only.

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Canadian Orders


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International Orders

** Please contact your local customs office to inquire if additional charges will apply to this shipment.

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1 Bike Seat >> $119.99USD + Shipping to International
2 Bike Seats >> $239.98USD + Shipping to International






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