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The Spiderflex Ergonomic bicycle seat is not a unisex seat, nor is it a man’s seat modified for women.

The Spiderflex bike seat has an innovative patented design that is built to accommodate women’s proportions and bone structure.

Its forgiving style cradles your “sit bones” in exactly the right place, to ensure a safe and comfortable ride all day long!

If you’re weary of other products that claim to be unisex only to discover that they are really made for men, with some less than perfect modifications, you will be delighted with the Spiderflex bike seat.

Woman Cyclist - Yellow bike - Spiderflex - Comfortable Bicycle SaddleSpiderflex Noseless Saddle Ideal for Female Cyclists

The Spiderflex Ergonomic bicycle seat makes cycling enjoyable and pain-free for female cyclists. It can also provide health and comfort benefits for women riders, relieving the pressure that can cause genital pain and numbness while supporting a woman's proportions and bone structure; something traditional bike seats just can't do.

The problem with a traditional bike seat is that the horn puts pressure on the genital area, which can cause discomfort, pain, numbness and even reduce genital sensation. The Spiderflex Ergonomic bike seat features our patented noseless design that transfers the pressure from the genital area and “cradles” a woman's "sit bones", providing a more comfortable ride.

Yale Study Shows Female Cyclists Suffer from Genital Pain

According to a 2006 study by researchers at Yale University, female cyclists who bike frequently and for prolonged periods of time on a traditional bike seat are more likely to suffer from genital pain and decreased sensitivity. A traditional bicycle seat directly compresses the external genital nerve and artery, the researchers explained in the study. Chronic compression of the female genital area, they note, could also cause compromised blood flow and even nerve injury.

Spiderflex Customers Tell Us Our Noseless Saddle Makes a Difference

The Spiderflex Ergonomic bicycle seat, by comparison, uses our patented design to shift the body's weight onto the "sit bones" where it belongs, removing the pressure from the genital nerve and artery. Our customer testimonials show just how much this weight adjustment can help.

One of those customers was Carol, who wrote Spiderflex a letter to tell us that the vaginal pain caused by her traditional horn seat made riding impossible. Since she switched to the Spiderflex noseless bike saddle, the pain has ceased and biking is enjoyable again.

Female cyclist with 2 bicycle -Spiderflex Bike Seats

More Comfortable for Overweight Cyclists

The Spiderflex Ergonomic bike saddle is specially made to cradle a woman's soft tissue, allowing female riders to enjoy the health benefits of long-distance and frequent rides without any of the "butt numbness" or lower-back pain associated with regular bike seats. And while bicycling is a great way to lose weight while getting a cardiovascular workout, many overweight women find traditional bike seats unaccommodating. Spiderflex's patented hornless bicycle seat design is comfortable for women of all shapes and sizes, because it puts the body's weight where it is supposed to be: on the "sit bones" and not on the sensitive genital area. This makes it an ideal choice not just for regular bicycles, but even for exercise bikes and spinning classes.

Ideal for Cyclists With Chronic Back Pain

Traditional bike seats are usually designed for men and don’t generally accommodate the fact that the female anatomy is shaped differently and women have wider-spaced sit bones. The Spiderflex Ergonomic bike seat, on the other hand, uses our patented design and wide seating area to accommodate a woman's proportions and bone structure, allowing for better weight distribution. Our customers who have had surgeries or chronic back pain report that the unique Spiderflex design provides all the comfort and support they need for a painless ride.

Take a look at what other women riders say!

Read a recent Review about the Spiderflex Noseless Saddle from a woman's perspective:

Dr. M. Miczak from X-Treme X-Training in New York City 28 Nov 2011 writes...

"I've test driven the Spiderflex for a bit over a month and only had it adjusted once. Make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing installing it. If it is not positioned correctly, you can feel as if you are sliding forward. However, once it is set up, it does take a bit of getting used to as you will need to find your "sweet spot" in order to truly appreciate the ride. I like not having any pressure on the back of my thighs as I'm pedaling. So liberating! Better still there is no sweating, chaffing or irritation no matter if I wear a chamois or not.

I think this saddle would make a great Christmas gift for someone who wants to ride more or even yourself. No need to wait for problems to arise. Be proactive. See if the Spiderflex Ergonomic Bicycle Seat can make a difference in your next ride." (More...)

There’s no risk to try it out. If it doesn’t work for you, you can return it within 30 days.

Spiderflex noseless bike saddles are manufactured in Canada, and distributed throughout the United States from our UPS shipping facilities in Pembina, North Dakota, USA.

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