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About Spiderflex Bicycle Seats

Our Spiderflex Bike Components website highlights our patented, ergonomic Spiderflex REC Bicycle Saddle.

The saddle's unique patented ergonomic design features durable, all-weather polyurethane seat pads, a high-grade polished stainless steel frame and a heavy-duty suspension system for long, comfortable rides.

Spiderflex bike seat provides "long ride" suspension system comfortDesigned to fit standard seat posts and clamps, the Spiderflex REC bike seat installs easily and offers several notable features, including:

  • Comfortable ergonomic bicycle seats for all bike riders
  • Wide seat area for better weight distribution
  • Ergonomic center relief eliminates pelvic/perineal pressure
  • Ventilated seat slots reduce heat/moisture buildup
  • Cradles your "sit-bones" to alleviate pressure points
  • Eliminates chafing on the inner thigh area
  • Comfortable "long ride" suspension system
  • Works great on trainers and exercise bikes

Spiderflex hornless bicycle seat front side view

Developed for all levels of recreational bike riders, the Spiderflex REC bicycle seat leads the industry in comfort and durability. Our website features detailed photographs of the saddle from a variety of angles, clearly labeled bicycle seat specifications, helpful adjustment schematics, warranty information, and a Spider Rider testimonial page that includes rider photographs and comments.

Useful Web links, shipping information and an easy-to-use order page round out our site. Look for the Spiderflex Calorie Burner calculator on our Health Benefits of Cycling page to help you find the distance needed to burn off those unwanted pounds.

Whether riding around the block or taking off on a long distance ride, the Spiderflex REC bicycle saddle is the perfect choice! Spiderflex bicycle seats can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States within one to five business days, depending on the selected method of delivery. Spiderflex Bike Components provides personalized customer support that includes all relevant shipping and tracking information.

For additional information about Spiderflex Bike Components or Spiderflex bicycle saddles, please contact us at info@spiderflex.com

About Spiderflex Bike Components

Spiderflex Bike Components is a privately owned corporation producing ergonomically designed bicycle accessories, including the Spiderflex REC Bicycle Saddle. Designed to promote biking comfort and satisfy the needs of today's biking enthusiast, Spiderflex bicycle products offer ergonomic solutions to enhance recreational and long-distance biking.

Spiderflex saddles are manufactured in Manitoba, Canada and distributed throughout the United States from our U.P.S. shipping facilities based in Pembina, North Dakota, USA.

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