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REC Saddle Specs

Spiderflex Saddle - Spiderflex - Bicycle Seat

The Spiderflex Recreational saddle (REC), is ergonomically designed to properly distribute the riders weight and eliminates the pressure points that are common with riders who experience groin and perineum problems when cycling.

The ergonomic design of the REC saddle totally relieves the groin pressure that is associated with traditional bicycle seats, and relieves load pressure to the the ischial tuberosities.

The majority of our sales are to recreational riders who are simply looking for a more comfortable bike seat to ride on, but we also have a customer base of riders who have had prostate surgery, groin injuries, tail bone injuries, lower back problems, etc.


Spiderflex REC Dimensions

Spiderflex Seat Dimensions - Top View - Side View

The center relief extends the length of the bike seat, and relieves the load pressure in the lower back area.

The width between the pads at the front of the saddle is 1.25" ( 32mm ). At the back of the saddle, above the suspension system, the width tapers down to .75" ( 20mm ).

From the top of the suspension, to the top surface of the pad, the clearance is 1.25" ( 32mm ).

The seat slots on the Spiderflex REC "cradle" your ischial tuberosities, and spread out the load pressure.

The ergonomic design of the seat slots allows a variance of 3.5 inches to 7 inches ( 85mm to 175mm ) for "sit-bone" width.

The REC shock system also provides 5/8" (16mm ) of travel when hitting bumps, to further relieve pressure points.

Saddle Weight: 680 grams / 24 ounces

US patent number: 6652025

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Spiderflex REC Suspension System

Check out our shock system!

The pre-loaded shock system on the Spiderflex REC consists of a heavy-duty die spring inside a polypropylene housing.

Shock Absorption - Spiderflex Bike Seat

The suspension system is similar to a suspension seat post, and after you initially compress the suspension from sitting on the seat, it will give the rider approximately 5/8" (16mm) of travel when hitting bumps.

Our customers use the Spiderflex REC on both full suspension, or hardtails, and some of our customers also use our seat with suspension seat posts as well, so there is a wide range of combinations that can be used to suit each rider.



Spiderflex Pads

Spiderflex Seat Pad - Top View

We use a self-skinning polyurethane to form our Spiderflex REC saddles, and the pads are molded directly into the wire form. During the molding process the pad forms an outer water-resistant layer, while the inner layer of the pad remains cell foam. The end product produces a durable, flexible saddle that we form to medium density.

Daher Manufacturing, the company that forms our REC saddles, uses this self-skinning polyurethane for various applications, including arm and head rests for the metro bus industry, seats and head rests for ATV'S, and arm and head supports for the wheel chair industry.

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The pads are very durable, and we have riders who have logged over 12,000 miles on REC saddles, but there are many variables that determine the mileage for each saddle. Rider weight, riding conditions, weather conditions, etc, and most importantly, how a rider takes care of the saddle, all play a part in the life expectancy of each saddle.

The "seat slots" on the Spiderflex REC are designed to "cradle" the ischial tuberosities, as well as providing ventilation.

The ergonomic design of the seat slots allows a variance of 3.5 inches to 7 inches ( 85mm to 175mm ) for "sit-bone" width.

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